To have fun the Apollo 13 mission 45 years in the past, a Dallas public sale home is promoting a number of uncommon artifacts together with a “Lunar Bible” and a plaque that includes a word of due to the module maker from one of many astronauts.

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The merchandise anticipated to garner essentially the most curiosity on the Heritage Auctions occasion Friday is an assemblage of Apollo 13 materials, together with the netting ripped from Apollo 13’s Lunar Module “Aquarius.” The gathering, with an estimated worth of $20,000, additionally features a word from lunar module pilot Fred Haise to the lunar module maker, Grumman’s George M. Skurla, by which Haise thanks Skurla for saving the crew’s life.

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Netting and different supplies from the Apollo 13 mission being auctioned off in Dallas

Heritage Auctions

“My private thanks to your management of the Grumman KSC Group that launched a greater than excellent LM-7. Aquarius,” writes Haise, “serving as a lifeboat on the Apollo 13 aborted lunar mission, saved the crew though pressed past design specs.”

The Apollo 13 moon mission was aborted about 200,000 miles from Earth when an oxygen tank exploded on April 13, 1970, inflicting one other tank to fail and critically jeopardizing the three-man crew’s potential to return house. After the explosion, astronaut Jack Swigert famously mentioned, “Houston, we have had an issue right here.”

“It really was America’s best, most profitable failure,” mentioned Michael Riley, senior historian and cataloger at Heritage Auctions. “Take into consideration that. No lifeguard, no tow truck, no calling for a pick-up. The crew had solely their very own unbelievable tenacity, never-say-die perspective and one wonderful lunar module to get them again to Earth, a whole bunch of 1000’s of miles away. That is precisely what they did.”

Different gadgets to be public sale embody an Apollo 13 silver Robbins medallion, which was initially within the assortment of Swigert and was supposed to go to the lunar floor. It has an estimated worth of $7,000. There’s additionally a certificates signed by the crew, which incorporates an American flag that was aboard the mission. It initially got here from the non-public assortment of Lovell and can be valued at $5,000.

There’s additionally the “Lunar Bible” quantity 14-9, one in all solely 12 uncommon and extremely sought-after full 1,245-page microform Bibles created for these Apollo missions. (It was printed in miniature out of necessity, given the scale and weight constraints for flight to the lunar floor.) It reached the lunar floor on Apollo 14 with moonwalker Edgar Mitchell. Its estimated worth is $75,000.

A picture of a Lunar Bible that was aboard the Apollo 13 mission.

Heritage Auctions


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