Atlanta — Paige Winter stood in waist-deep water when a shark pounced three toes from her father Charlie Winter, a firefighter and former Marine. The 17-year-old suffered extreme accidents from the assault earlier this month at North Carolina’s Fort Macon State Park.

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“I turned to the place Paige was and there was no Paige,” her father mentioned. “Paige was underwater, however there was pink on the water. I went straight to the place the pink was and I dove underneath and I grabbed her. Once I pulled her up a shark got here up together with her — it was a giant shark and I instantly began to hit it. I hit it with all the things I might and it let go.”

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However Paige was the true fighter. Each her fingers have been mauled attempting to pry open the shark’s jaws. Her left leg needed to be amputated, thigh-high.

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Paige Winter


Unprovoked shark assaults like this are uncommon. There have been 66 of them worldwide final 12 months, and 4 fatalities. However much more uncommon is Paige’s angle: no screaming, no crying and no self-pity.

“I need folks to see I am doing alright and you already know, I am nonetheless going to do the stuff they’ll do. I believe I can rework this into one thing good for me, good for sharks and good for the surroundings too,” she mentioned.

Paige’s father mentioned he “could not be prouder.”

“The shark took her leg. It didn’t take her spirit,” he mentioned.

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