Listed below are some memorable phrases that have been utilized in Thursday’s closing rounds of the Scripps Nationwide Spelling Bee:

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VARSOVIENNE: A sleek dance much like a mazurka. Simone Kaplan of Davie, Florida, displayed a powerful depth of root information when she requested, “Is that this probably from the Latin place title Varsovia, which means Warsaw?” She was proper, and he or she spelled the phrase appropriately.

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KIRILLITSA: The alphabet primarily based principally on the Greek uncials that was initially used for writing Outdated Church Slavonic. Shruthika Padhy of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, spelled it appropriately.

KULA: A Melanesian inter-island system of trade. Nidhi Vadlamudi of Santa Clara, California, spelled it incorrectly, going with the homonym “kulah.”

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AUFGABE: A job or train, particularly when assigned experimentally. Rishik Gandhasri of San Jose, California, spelled it appropriately.

RIJSTTAFEL: An Indonesian noon meal consisting mainly of rice. Blake Bouwman of Grand Rapids, Michigan, spelled it appropriately.

VIBRATIUNCLE: A slight vibration. Hephzibah Sujoe of Fort Value, Texas, spelled it appropriately.


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