Poppy farmers within the state of Madhya Pradesh in India have reportedly run into some bother whereas cultivating this season’s crops. Along with inconsistent rainfall placing a damper on issues, flocks of persistent parrots — presumed to be hooked on opium — are rampaging by way of the poppy farms, generally making 40 visits a day to get their repair.

“One poppy flower provides round 20 to 25 grams of opium. However a big group of parrots feed on these vegetation round 30 to 40 occasions a day,” one poppy cultivator within the Neemuch district of central India informed Indian information web site NDTV.com. “This impacts the produce. These opium-addicted parrots are wreaking havoc.”

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In line with NDTV, fowl raids have grow to be a day by day menace within the poppy fields, and farmers declare to be sustaining vital crop losses thanks to those poppy-seeking parrots. Some birds have been filmed tearing into unripe poppy pods (the place opium-rich milk resides), whereas others use their beaks and claws to snip off the vegetation at their stalks and fly away with total intact pods. The Each day Mail reported that some birds have even educated themselves to not squawk when descending on the fields, swooping out and in like silent ninjas. [ 9 Weird Ways You Can Test Positive for Drugs ]

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District officers have ignored requests to assist preserve the feathered menace in examine, the farmer informed NDTV, leaving poppy purveyors to fend for themselves. Some cultivators have been compelled to protect their fields day and evening. Others have reportedly turned to sonic warfare, shouting on the birds by way of loudspeakers or detonating firecrackers of their neighborhood. Sadly, the farmer mentioned, these makes an attempt have did not mitigate crop losses.

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Poppy-thieving birds aren’t a brand new prevalence in India, which is without doubt one of the few locations on this planet the place licensed opium cultivation is allowed, in response to India At the moment journal . Chicken raids have been reported a number of years in a row in a number of poppy-cultivating districts, generally leaving the pilfering parrots visibly intoxicated. In line with a 2018 article in DNA India , the opium-munching birds had been noticed crashing into tree branches and “mendacity within the fields in a daze,” solely to fly off once more when the narcotic results wore off.

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