As the weather turns crisp and the twinkly lights go up, you can feel the holiday spirit coming. And it will get you. That urge to be a little more compassionate toward strangers and spoil the ones you love will undoubtedly creep in come Thanksgiving. What also creeps in is the itch to shop. Coming up with gift ideas for your family and friends also makes you think about the perfect gifts for you. With holiday sales swirling around and seasonal pop-ups, er, popping up, it’s hard not to do some browsing for your own home. Here at Clever, we’re doing that year-round in order to bring the best of the best to your attention. When it comes to rounding up our favorite gift-able things (whether for someone on your list or yourself), it can be hard to narrow down. That’s why we did things a little differently this year. Sure, these 100 gifts under $100 are all things we would ask for ourselves—but even better, none of them will break the bank. So, there’s no need to feel guilty when you buy Grandma that new Christmas sweater and a cool throw pillow for yourself.

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Leave the hammer and nails in the toolbox. This mirror is actually made from a special plastic, so you can hang it with double-sided tape.
SHOP NOW: The Eye Mirror by Clara Von Zweigbergk, $87,
The Red Tea Detox

Photo courtesy of Luisa Via Roma

Fans of the spirited Memphis design movement know that original designs from the ’70s and ’80s don’t come cheap. The one exception is this electric tea kettle designed by one of the founders, Ettore Sottsass, in 1988 that has been reissued by Bodum for the modern kitchen. SHOP NOW: Ettore electric kettle by Bodum, $29,

Photo courtesy of Bodum

Who said serving boards had to be rectangular?
SHOP NOW: Small Alvar Aalto Serving Platter by Iittala, $60,

Photo courtesy of Iittala

We’re longtime fans of Cold Picnic’s funky, abstract rugs, and the company’s new flat weave (read: lightweight with less shedding!) designs are no exception.
SHOP NOW: Flat Weave Rug by Cold Picnic, from $90,

Photo courtesy of Cold Picnic

This translucent retro lamp has all the qualities that get us excited about table lamps: portable, dimmable, energy-saving, and good-looking. Oh, and BTW, it’s cordless. 🙂 SHOP NOW: Translucent lamp by Fatboy, $99,

Photo courtesy of Amazon

By sticking various jungle cacti into dried Cholla wood, Pistils Nursery managed to make a 100 percent natural plant/planter combo that’s as low-maintenance as it gets. (Just soak it in the sink for 5 minutes whenever the moss is dry.)
SHOP NOW: Oasis in the Desert by Pistils Nursery, from $14,

Photo courtesy of Pistils Nursery

We call Sin’s Duo Candlestick an artistic centerpiece that will never go out of style. Even better, the minimal, light-as-air design won’t block your view across the table. SHOP NOW: Duo Candlestick by Sin, $58,

Photo courtesy of Sin

Proof that you can, in fact, turn even the narrowest hall into a functional entryway.
SHOP NOW: Walter Shelf by Most Modest, $45,

Photo courtesy of Most Modest

Y’know when you go to reach for the hand soap and it just slips away? These genius (and strangely beautiful) soaps allow for easy use, and come with a chic tray to save when you’ve hit the bottom. SHOP NOW: Lavender Crème hand soap by Umé Studio, $75,

Photo courtesy of Umé Studio

Cookware is getting a long-overdue makeover—take this Memphis-inspired casserole pot, which makes such a statement in your kitchen, you’ll never want to store it behind the cabinet. SHOP NOW: Bubble casserole pot by MoMA, $76,

Photo courtesy of MoMa

We’re suckers for color-blocked anything, so these bi-color stoneware mugs get an enthusiastic “hell yes!” from us.
SHOP NOW: Ceramic mug by Jansen, $20,

Photo courtesy of Coming Soon

Disco balls are so last year. This smart clock/speaker comes with a colored LED display that changes with your music and projects personalized animations. No. Big. Deal.
SHOP NOW: AuraBox Clock Speaker, $65,

Photo courtesy of MoMa

We’re calling it: This is the era of the fun bathroom. First step, grab one of these submarine-shaped bathroom organizers in a bright primary color and watch your bathroom transform into a happy place. SHOP NOW: Submarino porcelain bathroom organizer by Burkelman, $80,

Photo courtesy of Burkelman

Art that doesn’t take up precious wall space, but still packs a punch. We would hang this electric-colored mobile in the corner of a living room, or in a home office to add some positive energy. SHOP NOW: Flowing Rhythm rainbow mobile by Christian Flensted, $66,

Photo courtesy of Odd Eye

One glass fits all. The simple shape of these tinted cups makes them perfect for any and all beverages, from juice to wine.
SHOP NOW: Chroma Glassware by Hawkins New York, from $12 each,

Photo courtesy of Hawkins New York

Arrivederci complicated and overpriced espresso machine! Say hello to your new best friend, a sleek and dead easy espresso device that’s ready to hit the road. SHOP NOW: Nanopresso portable espresso machine by Soda Says x Wacaco, $65,

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

The modern-day throw pillow doesn’t just sit in the corner of the sofa; its geometric patterns and wacky illustrations are loud and will give your living room life. Clockwise from left: SHOP NOW: Dot pillow by Dusen & Dusen, $74, SHOP NOW: Fake snake pillow by Aelfie, $55, SHOP NOW: Tapestry pillow by Viso Project, $85, SHOP NOW: Palm pillow by KJP, $51, SHOP NOW: Fruit pillow by BFGF, $90, SHOP NOW: Nia Rise modern geometric pillow cover by Leah Singh, $80,

Photo courtesy of Dusen Dusen, Aelfie, Viso Project, Cool Machine, BFGF, and 1st Dibs

Caffeine makes people happy. Shapes and colors make people happy. So this mug plus caffeine will make anyone deliriously happy. Not a bad way to start to the morning. SHOP NOW: Doodle mug by Recreation Center, $46,

Photo courtesy of Mociun

Your charcuterie board just got a whole lot more colorful.
SHOP NOW: Terrazzo Tray in Orange, from $27,

Photo courtesy of Cool Machine

“Whaddya wanna do now?” is an all-too-familiar phrase heard when hibernating at home in the dead of winter. Keep a mindless game that doubles as decor out on display, and never die of boredom again. SHOP NOW: Acrylic tumbling tower by CB2, $69,

Photo courtesy of CB2

A waterproof outdoor light that is collapsible, solar-powered, and projects eight different colors? We never knew we needed such a thing! Light up the pool for a party, or set the mood for an outdoor dinner with this versatile inflatable contraption. SHOP NOW: Multi-color inflatable solar light by MPOWERD, $25,

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Trendy terrazzo has made it to the plant world in the form of these half-moon pots.
SHOP NOW: The Totter Planter by Pretti.Cool, 12”w x 3”d x 5”h, $65,

Photo courtesy of Pretti.Cool

We never thought we would put a tissue holder on our personal wish list. But this one that mimics the shape of a piece of taffy when stuffed with tissue on either end has become a new must-have. SHOP NOW: Taffy tissue holder by Andrew Neyer, $99,

Photo courtesy of Work Of

This nubby rug is the best of both worlds: Its neutral color scheme means it goes with everything, but its linear pattern keeps it from being boring.
SHOP NOW: Wool Blend Rug by H&M Home, 31” x 55”, $60,

Photo courtesy of H&M

We can’t help but love a two-for-one, and these traditional Oaxacan flower candles do it best. Part ornamental flourish, part utilitarian taper candle, they certainly get you the most bang for your $16! SHOP NOW: Velas de Flores by Forage Modern Workshop, $16,

Photo courtesy of Forage Modern Workshop

This soapstone bottle cooler looks like it was custom-made for a bottle of rosé. Whispering Angel, anyone? SHOP NOW: Soapstone bottle cooler by Rose & Fitzgerald, $90,

Photo courtesy of Rose & Fitzgerald

We find the best ideas come from how real people decorate their space. Apartamento has made everyday homes their mission since 2008, and now they’ve gathered the best interiors from the magazine into a book celebrating their 10th anniversary. You’ll need multiple bookmarks for this one! SHOP NOW: The World of Apartamento: Ten Years of Everyday Life Interiors by Nacho Alegre, Omar Sosa, and Marco Velardi, $40,

Photo courtesy of Amazon

A plush shell pillow on your sofa serves as an important reminder that winter will one day end. SHOP NOW: Small Shell Pillow in Velvet by Tamara Mogendorff, $95,

Expensive abstract sculpture or salt and pepper grinder? Let your dinner guests decide. SHOP NOW: Plus salt and pepper grinder by Muuto, $75,

Photo courtesy of Muuto

Every gallery wall should have an abstract artwork, and you can’t go wrong with any (or all) of these.
Clockwise from left:
SHOP NOW: Framed Prints by Amber Vittoria for Framebridge (available in December),
SHOP NOW: Collage Print 1 by Saskia Pomeroy, $45,
SHOP NOW: Stahl House Print by Poketo, $28,
SHOP NOW: Rise/Set by Tim Lahan, $60,

Photo courtesy of Framebridge, Tictail, Poketo and Kayrock

Drying dishes by hand is never fun, but at least this tea towel makes the task a little cheerier.
SHOP NOW: Tea Towel by Sugy, $26,

Photo courtesy of Wilder

If you could have dinnerware designed by one of the buzziest young firms in the world, you would, right? Studio Job’s provocative and pop-inspired graphics have been downsized to dinner plates by Seletti, so now you can! SHOP NOW: Studio Job—Blow porcelain dinner plate by Seletti, $42,

Photo courtesy of 1st Dibs

Those blah tea lights will transform into a refined, Scandi-inspired display with the help of Fin’s minimal wood holders. Extra points for a discreetly designed handle so you can easily move the glow around without risking a burn. SHOP NOW: Tea light holder by Fin, $17 each,

Photo courtesy of 2Modern

A pair of bookends that looks like Brutalist-inspired sculpture? We would display these concrete designs even without the books. SHOP NOW: Landmarks Bookend by Klemens Schillinger for Hem, $79,

Photo courtesy of Hem

This may be the closest you’ll ever come to being an architect. With Lego’s architecture collection you can build the world’s most famous structures and feel damn proud afterwards. SHOP NOW: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum® by Lego, $80,

Photo courtesy of Lego

This small natural wood stool probably won’t help with your lack of seating (unless you are only hosting toddlers), but the delightful design will make you happy every time you see it nestled in a corner. SHOP NOW: Stump by Kalon Studios, $85,

Photo courtesy of Kalon Studios

Handcrafted in a family-run workshop in Vietnam, these thoughtfully made pieces will add a welcome retro vibe to your drab cubicle. SHOP NOW: Sepon Terrazzo Desk Set by The Citizenry, $85,

Photo courtesy of The Citizenry

Say goodbye to negative energy, and ring in the new year with some positive (not to mention affordable) vibes thanks to this cleansing rose quartz crystal lamp. Brought to you by Mother Earth…and Urban Outfitters.
SHOP NOW: Rose quartz crystal lamp by Urban Outfitters, $89,

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Yes, we’re still reading magazines and listening to records! For a stylish display of those beloved retro media, it’s all about Yield’s stylish hoop rack. SHOP NOW: Hoop magazine and record rack by Yield Design, $50,

Photo courtesy of Yield

We thought we’d seen everything—then we came across this furry planter. C’mon, we all need things in our homes that serve just to make us happy. (And don’t worry, it’s faux!)
SHOP NOW: Fur Basket #009 by Karen Tinney, 7”l x 7”w x 4”h, $50,

Photo courtesy of Karen Tinney

Every kitchen needs a paper-towel holder. Why not make it a super-stylish splatter-paint one? SHOP NOW: Buckle paper towel holder by Ferm Living, $49,

Photo courtesy of Ferm Living

Famous florists Putnam & Putnam made us fall in love with cut flowers again. Their artistic arrangements are not at all simple to pull off, but the duo’s first book, which features the best floral varieties in every color of the rainbow, is a good place to start! SHOP NOW: Flower Color Guide by Darroch and Michael Putnam, $22,

Photo courtesy of Phaidon

Four ways to elevate your highs this season.
From left to right:
SHOP NOW: Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day, $60,
SHOP NOW: Regenbogen Ashtray by Fundamental Berlin, $80,
SHOP NOW: Triangle Pipe by Liv & Dom, $72,
SHOP NOW: Iridescent Opalite Pipe by Nomatiq, $80,

Photo courtesy of Tetra, Yew Yew and Nomatiq

Whether you’re using them to store freshly baked cookies (ambitious) or as a replacement for that everything drawer we know you have, these splatter-painted canisters bring a whimsical vibe to the kitchen. SHOP NOW: Green on yellow splatterpaint canisters by March SF, from $55,

Photo courtesy of March SF

Guilty of losing every pen you’ve ever had? No more with this tray, which will keep your pens and pencils in plain sight and look good while doing it.
SHOP NOW: Plumier Feeld Pencil Case by Benjamin Graindorge, $8,

Photo courtesy of Moustache

A storage basket is like a Band-Aid for the home: It hides all the clutter and supplies you don’t want visible (what remote controls?). Even better, it can injects color and texture into the room. These hand-woven ones from Oaxaca do both, in vibrant patterns and hefty shapes. SHOP NOW: Oaxaca fish patterned palm basket by Maison Numen, $80,

Photo courtesy of Maison Numen

It’s about time you got your photos off your phone and into the cool graphic frames they deserve.
SHOP NOW: Grid Frame in Black and White by Now House by Jonathan Adler, 5″x 7″, $58,

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If your pup is as sophisticated as you think it is, they’re probably aware that neon is trending in high fashion. Help them be part of the in-crowd with a neon leash and collar that will electrify your entryway or mudroom, too. SHOP NOW: Nylon leash and collar by Ware of the Dog, from $88,

Photo courtesy of Ware of the Dog

Crafted of hand-blown glass painted in ultra-saturated hues, these vases don’t even really need flowers.
SHOP NOW: Large Moroccan Vase by HAY, $69,

Photo courtesy of HAY

With its round shape and fabric exterior, this wireless speaker looks more like decor than tech, and that’s a compliment.
SHOP NOW: Sphere Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Photive, $49,

Photo courtesy of West Elm

Sure, you’ve got a flashlight on your phone…but what if your phone dies and the power goes out and it’s pitch-dark and you need to find your way to the bathroom? This tiny, well-designed flashlight will be your hero (in both emergencies and the everyday). SHOP NOW: Signal flashlight by Sylvain Willenz for Good Thing, $90,

Photo courtesy of Good Thing

For the minimalist who likes a little pizazz, we love Moser’s milk glass mug in pastel pink. The retro material says “timeless” but the color and shape screams “fresh and cool!” SHOP NOW: Pink milk glass mug by Mosser Glass, $20,

Photo courtesy of Coming Soon

Society6 is our go-to source for all things patterned and colorful, so we were thrilled when they expanded the line to include home decor. These floor pillows in particular make great pet beds or spare seating for unexpected company. SHOP NOW: Terrazzo galaxy floor pillow by Sylvain Combe, $80,

Photo courtesy of Society6

Towels that mimic one of our favorite bathroom features: rows and rows of white tile.
SHOP NOW: Mini Grid Black Bath Towel by Unison, $38,

Photo courtesy of Unison Home

Slash Objects’ chic rubber accessories are made from post-consumer recycled material and come in fresh shapes and designs. We’re particularly excited by this gem-shaped mouse pad that looks as good as it will make you feel about saving the environment. SHOP NOW: Gem rubber mouse pad by Slash Objects, $32,

Photo courtesy of Slash Objects

These black and white marbled salt and pepper shakers bring an effortless elegance not usually associated with condiments.
SHOP NOW: Rounded marble salt and pepper set by Fiammetta V., $57,

Photo courtesy of 1stDibs

Ring holders or abstract bookends? You decide, because you’re trendy like that.
SHOP NOW: Peaks Aeolus Ring Holder by Imm Living, $27,

Photo courtesy of Burke Decor

Taking a break from social media over the holidays is a great idea. Flexing your creative muscles to fill the time is even better. Fall back on a medium even kids can master, like watercolor painting, so cleanup is a breeze. SHOP NOW: Water Color set by Fredericks and Mae, $35,

Photo courtesy of Fredericks and Mae

If melamine bowls reminiscent of epic sunsets don’t inspire you to cook more, we’re not sure what will.
SHOP NOW: Set of 4 Melamine Bowls by Thomas Fuchs Creative, $60,

Photo courtesy of Barneys New York

We have yet to meet a hyper blue object we didn’t like, so you know how we feel about this handcrafted stoneware planter. SHOP NOW: Electric Blue Dash Pot by Gabrielle Silverlight, 5.5″w x 5.25″h, $85,

Photo courtesy of Etsy

So you can free up some space on your desk to, you know, work.
SHOP NOW: Vintage Bakelite Desk Tray, $38,

Photo courtesy of Present and Correct

Up your tray game with this undeniably chic rotating, two-tier version. Use it as a catchall in your entryway or as a statement-making serving dish. Think Lazy Susan, but so much better.
SHOP NOW: Rotary Tray by Jasper Morrison, $80,

Photo courtesy of Vitra

Villa26’s PVC chair float harks back to pool parties of a groovier era, when there wasn’t a blow-up swan or emoji in sight. Best of all, inflatable furniture is back in style, so it can totally pass as a side chair in your living room come winter. SHOP NOW: Gstaad sofa by Villa26, $99,

Photo courtesy of Villa26

If you’re into super chic bottles of house cleaners for just $5.75 a pop (who isn’t?), go get a Public Goods membership, which offers yearlong access to its markup-free household and personal care products.
SHOP NOW: Annual membership to Public Goods, $59,

Photo courtesy of Public Goods

Whether you’re out by the campfire or on a sandy beach, these stainless steel cups are the best accessory for a cocktail- or wine-fueled occasion. They’ll keep your drink chilled and spare the ocean from one more plastic cup. SHOP NOW: Cup set by Yield, $42,

Photo courtesy of Yield

A bold beach towel means none of your friends can take yours home “by accident” ever again.
SHOP NOW: Beach Towel by Liv & Dom for Slowdown Studio, $60 $80,

Photo courtesy of Slowdown Studios

A cast-iron skillet is essential in any kitchen, but for those cooking for a party of one there’s no need to lug a heavy standard size around. This mini skillet can get the job done and save you tons of cabinet space. SHOP NOW: Mini cast-iron skillet by Urban Outfitters, $12,

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

We love single-flower arrangements, but you need a bunch to make any real impact on your table. Enter this splattered number, which is essentially five bud vases in one.
SHOP NOW: Watercolor Vase by Marian Bull, 10”w x 5”h, $72,

Photo courtesy of Marian Bull

Prop your phone on this marbleized concrete holder, make everything from FaceTime-ing to following recipes easier.
SHOP NOW: Echo by Concrete Cat, $50,

Photo courtesy of Concrete Cat

When it’s still dark at 7 a.m. (thanks, winter), you have to rely on bedding with big personality to brighten your mornings.
SHOP NOW: Duvet Cover with Oversized Geometric Print by Zara Home, from $70,

Photo courtesy of Zara Home

Stop hoarding flimsy restaurant matchbooks and get yourself a grown-up lighter.
SHOP NOW: Queue Stick Lighter in Colors by Tsubota Pearl, $30,

Photo courtesy of Tetra

Sneak some faux greenery into this boldly colored jug and fool all your guests into thinking you can totally keep flowers alive. The saturated display will keep them distracted from those plastic palm fronds. SHOP NOW: Raawii Strøm jug by Nicholai Wiig Hansen, $75,

Photo courtesy of MoMa

It’s not always easy to spot architectural wonders in the streets of a crowded city. These handy maps point out must-see buildings by style—from Art Deco to Brutalist—in top cities around the world, so you never miss out on a good (iconic!) thing again. SHOP NOW: Brutalist London map by Blue Crow Media, $10,

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Uncorking a wine bottle is a daunting task. Take the edge off by using a sommelier corkscrew designed as a colorful little parrot. Who wouldn’t smile at that? SHOP NOW: Parrot corkscrew by Alessi, $65,

Photo courtesy of Alessi

A literal paperweight, this two-pound travertine dumbbell could actually be used for at-home toning, but we love it just as a cheeky sculpture in a pretty stone. SHOP NOW: Travertine marble dumbbell by Page Thirty Three, $100,

Photo courtesy of Free People

When the weather outside is frightful, paint yourself a plywood plant that will never die, no matter how long you ignore it.
[SHOP NOW[( Flat Plant Paint By Numbers Kit by Scout Regalia, from $40,

Photo courtesy of AHA Life

The humble cheese grater gets a flashy upgrade in metallic gold and a unique pyramid silhouette. Because, let’s be honest, the act of shredding cheese over anything deserves a luxurious-looking tool. SHOP NOW: The Nacho grater by W&P Design, $25,

Photo courtesy of W&P Design

A water bottle that self-cleans and purifies? Though it’s meant to be taken on the go, this just might replace your everyday cup at home. Pick from any of the five Clever-approved colors, like Himalayan Pink or Seaside Mint. SHOP NOW: Self-cleaning water bottle by LARQ, $95,

Photo courtesy of LARQ

A sure remedy to a cluttered home is to get everything off the floor. Elevating planters or sculptural objects on this wire-based pedestal tricks the eye into seeing more floor space than there really is. SHOP NOW: Double Octahedron pedestal by Eric Trine, $95,

Photo courtesy of Eric Trine

Reversible placemats = two tablescape options to choose from every time you throw a dinner party.
SHOP NOW: Reversible Vinyl Placemat by Lisa Perry, $25,

Photo courtesy of Barneys New York

There’s no such thing as owning too many blankets, and this supersized one does triple duty as bedding, picnic blanket, and floor covering.
SHOP NOW: Colorstripe Floor Blanket, 46”w x 81”l, $68,

Photo courtesy of Leif

A grow light that isn’t hideous and takes up zero counter space? Count us in.
SHOP NOW: Grow-Anywhere Herb Growbar by Modern Sprout, $99,

Photo by Rocky Luten/Food52

Two mini mugs, a little carafe, and a tiny sugar bowl = the best way to start your mornings.
SHOP NOW: Cappuccino Set in Autumnal by Felt + Fat, $92,

Photo courtesy of Felt + Fat

Believe it or not, vintage IKEA furniture is expensive. But reissued vintage IKEA furniture is under $100. This chair first designed in 1983 and rereleased as part of their 75th anniversary certainly stands the test of time, because we still really want it! SHOP NOW: RÅANE armchair by IKEA, $69,

Photo courtesy of IKEA

Bring back the table runner! With its minimalist geometric pattern, this linen one is as far from your grandma’s lace situation as you can get.
SHOP NOW: Big Sur Sage Runner by Caroline Z. Hurley, $80,

Photo courtesy of Caroline Z. Hurley

How will you use your bulletin board today? This guy comes with a magnetic peg, shelf, and pen cup, plus six box magnets, so you can rearrange it however and whenever you want. SHOP NOW: Smorgas Utility Board by ILOVEHANDLES, $75,

Photo courtesy of West Elm

Just because you live in a walk-up apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a patch of grass to call your own.
SHOP NOW: Faux Grass Mat by Magnolia, $37,

Photo courtesy of Magnolia

Need we say more than five glass vases for under $100? OK, fine, they’re also great for the indecisive flower arranger—there’s a height and mouth shape for every kind of bloom, big and small.
SHOP NOW: Clear Gather Vases Bundle by Good Thing, $95 $118,

Photo courtesy of Good Thing

Tiny kitchens can’t afford a “coffee corner,” but any size kitchen can use a portable pour-over dripper. Our vote is for this design-forward ceramic one that can top a range of coffee mugs and up your countertop game when not in use. SHOP NOW: Pourover ceramic by Mimi Ceramics, $48,

Courtesy of Mimi Ceramics

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